March 31st, 2011

BJD cosplay!

This is Legit!

 Today, Mar. 31, 2011, marks the moment in history when I finally got my first BJD! I was so giddy the whole day despite having zero sleep since I just flew in from Manila with the first flight. I had my package shipped to Bacolod, my hometown, since I figured it would be no hassle compared to having it shipped to my dorm in Manila. Guess what, I'm right. I only had to pay 40 php. and they didn't even have to inspect my huge-ass package. Lesson learned: I'm sooo not having my international purchases shipped to a Manila address.

The thought of getting my hands on my precious resin friend after 6 hard weeks of waiting is just too much to contain. Unboxing is sooo exciting! Months before, I thought that this moment would never come. Also, I've been jealous of people shooting their own unboxing moment....I wanted mine too, and now...Here it is!!! :


Leila Selene


Leila is a very morose and quiet young lady. Oftentimes, she'd rather be alone. She always appears to be deep in thought, and she could look rather unapproachable because of that. Don't let looks deceive you because Leila is actually a very kind and tender person. She worries herself too much over the ones she loves. Could that explain why she always seems to be at the brink of tears?...or Is something else tugging at her heartstrings?...


So that's it! You've finally met my resin daughter. See you guys next time!