BJD cosplay!

This is Legit!

 Today, Mar. 31, 2011, marks the moment in history when I finally got my first BJD! I was so giddy the whole day despite having zero sleep since I just flew in from Manila with the first flight. I had my package shipped to Bacolod, my hometown, since I figured it would be no hassle compared to having it shipped to my dorm in Manila. Guess what, I'm right. I only had to pay 40 php. and they didn't even have to inspect my huge-ass package. Lesson learned: I'm sooo not having my international purchases shipped to a Manila address.

The thought of getting my hands on my precious resin friend after 6 hard weeks of waiting is just too much to contain. Unboxing is sooo exciting! Months before, I thought that this moment would never come. Also, I've been jealous of people shooting their own unboxing moment....I wanted mine too, and now...Here it is!!! :


Leila Selene


Leila is a very morose and quiet young lady. Oftentimes, she'd rather be alone. She always appears to be deep in thought, and she could look rather unapproachable because of that. Don't let looks deceive you because Leila is actually a very kind and tender person. She worries herself too much over the ones she loves. Could that explain why she always seems to be at the brink of tears?...or Is something else tugging at her heartstrings?...


So that's it! You've finally met my resin daughter. See you guys next time!

BJD cosplay!

Let's blame hormones for everything!

I’ve been feeling so down lately. I couldn’t really explain this sudden influx of negative emotions. Could it be my period? Could it be school? Is it hormones again? Perhaps, it’s a bit of all. I suddenly feel so agitated by everything around me. I’ve been feeling like crap for the whole week, but I swear, this day took the cake! Lots of mini terror happened, but my Fil 12 test results really dragged me the most! I literally failed each quiz. Now, I don’t want to berate myself here, but who wouldn’t feel like hanging themselves after staring at that red-marked piece of s*#$t. I know I shouldn’t take this the wrong way, and accept it as a challenge, but I just felt like shit today! I could barely keep my eyes open during Fil lecture! More so in Math after that! The Math lesson today almost made me cry in my seat. I had too much going on in my mind, and seeing Math like it’s in Chinese didn’t help at all. Of course, I sucked my gut and tried my hardest to understand everything just to make sure my hormones don’t get the better of me. I even stayed behind to have a consultation with my Math teacher, which turned out like repeating the whole lesson in slow motion! Anyway, it was of great help and I totally get the lesson now! Hehe….but that’s not my point!


At the end of the day, I went back to my room [which by the way isn’t exactly my favorite place at the moment]. I didn’t have anywhere else to go anyway. I wanted to nap, but couldn’t so I decided to rummage through my drawer for some lost things I might find. Well, I did. I found letters from some friends. I felt so touched after reading each one. To be honest, I’m really jealous of those seemingly popular people with many friends, those who always go out and what not. I then realized how I must have taken the people close to me for granted. I’m not unfriendly; I may even come across as weird and creepy. Well, perhaps that’s why most people veer away from me. Perhaps they get intimidated by people so errrm…odd. I read from one of the letters of my friends that I can’t please everyone. If they can’t stand you, it means they’re not meant to be in your life. So, why go on trying to impress all these people? Another letter speaks of how my oddities make me likeable. Wow, there really are people who could accept me for me. Another letter then tells me to be proud of my achievements. Well, I’m not so sure of what achievements they speak of, but it’s like saying, “Hey, give yourself some credit!”. I mean, I have got to have some good points right?


**end rant**

***gets knocked out to bed***



This was written at 1:30 a.m., and thought vomit kept pouring out.

Bwaharharharhar. Time check, it’s now 3:55 p.m in Colayco Pav. Well-rested (not quite) and well fed. Feeling better, but not stellar because I have midterms in 2 hours or so.


Just so you know, I’m not really sure how anyone should react to this. xD

BJD cosplay!

Choosing is Hard!

Despite being all iffy about buying me a BJD because of the price, my parents agreed to get me one if I promise not to have a boyfriend. Being a geek, it was a done deal xD. Right now, I'm in the process of choosing a doll (which is soo hard!). I'm actually choosing between a DOD Tender Shall and LUTS Kara. Both are very pretty, but it's just so hard to decide! Also, I have to be very sure since they are very expensive! 


It seems to me like buying a BJD would have to take a bit longer for me!.....
BJD cosplay!

Why I can be bought...

Ever since I laid eyes on one of those “creepy-looking dolls” (a.k.a. ball-jointed dolls), I swore that I’d have one for my own someday. The only problem is that these dolls roughly cost around $300-500 each. It seems like such a steep price to pay for mere dolls eh? Well, for me and other BJD fans, it is not just mere dolls! What makes these dolls so special? Well, these resin-crafted dolls are handmade. You are given the option to do their face-ups (do their make-up/draw their face). Also, you don’t buy them as a whole complete with clothes, shoes, hair and even their head! You have to buy them individually, and they’re more or less not included in the $300 you paid for! Let me add that their outfits cost as much as human clothes! Yup, like around $60-ish. This is also why most owners treat their dolls as if they’re their sons and daughters. Technically, they get spent on like your own kid. It’s just that they don’t even need to eat!


It would seem hard to understand for a lot of people why we’d pay such a price for a doll. Let’s just say it’s this unique appreciation of mine. I’ve always loved doll since I was a kid, and back then, I only had Barbies! It takes a special sort of person to appreciate these dolls (Come on, how many of you would blow 25k on a doll?). 


Actually, that long intro isn’t my point here………..


Earlier, my parents talked to me on how much they appreciate the fact that I’m not taken. They believed that being in a relationship would hinder my studies and I might blow my future (IKR!). My reaction was outrageous at first since, what they believed in is a total fallacy.  Anyway, I took that as a bait to get what I want….(you must have guessed it by now!) I told them that I wouldn’t be in a relationship until I finish college if they’d get me a BJD for my birthday/debut (that means no more party...sorry..). LOL! I’m quite surprised they even hid their surprise when I told them how much BJDs are. I even told them that’s a cheap price to pay if they want their daughter to stay single! LOL! I’ll be expecting my very own resin baby on my birthday! I’ve got no regrets on that! I’d choose those over boys any day!


 ….lol, at this rate, I’ll never get married! Dx